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Youth Have Vision, Inc. is a youth development 501(c)3 California nonprofit organization that builds character and self-esteem in underserved youth through programs that offer an outdoor adventure and leadership development curriculum. 
The mission YHV, Inc. is to inspire youth to make positive decisions for healthy and successful lives.
Core Values
YHV, Inc, has five Core Values:
These Core Values are central to our programs and operation.
Youth Have Vision, Inc. was founded in 2002 and Incorporated in 2004 as a 501(c)3 California nonprofit organization, in Palmdale CA. Youth Have Vision, Inc. is dedicated to exposing underprivileged youth to practical learning programs using the impact of college awareness, helping young people succeed in postsecondary education, and the power of hands‐on learning to spark creativity and unlock the hidden potential within. Since its founding, YHV, Inc. has expanded across the field of education to include Behavior Modification, Physical Fitness, Parenting and College Readiness, incorporating youth development curriculums.
Youth Have Vision, Inc. has a collection of unique, enriching programs designed to engage young minds and show students the path to making dreams a reality. In early 2012, YHV, Inc. began collaborating with ALL Management Group, Career & College Clubs and Kaplan, K12 Programs. This collaboration ensures that hundreds of additional youth are served through predominately educational programs. As a combined organization, YHV, Inc. is able to provide year-round, multi-year programs to underserved youth.
The goal of YHV, Inc.’s programs is to increase resiliency in underserved and at-risk youth. Each of the programs offers a value-based leadership curriculum that enhances the experiences for students by promoting self-respect, positive relationships, social skills, and positive values. During program days students discuss and discover the meaning of the YHV, Inc. Five Core Values, while learning supplemental skill and test readiness solutions, and college preparation with positive adult role models.
The five Programs:
Knowledge 4 College A College and Career planning System, designed to assure that every student has the knowledge and skills needed for academic achievement and a successful life. 
Absolute Parenting, a Breakthrough Parenting® Certified 10- week comprehensive, skill-building program designed to teach advance parenting techniques.
The MLA (Making Life Achievable), a Behavioral Modification Program, designed for underachieving, hard-to-reach, and treatment-resistant adolescents.
Project Parenthood, a parent involvement program, designed to help increase parent involvement in the schools and school district.
Unique Fitness 4 Families, a youth fitness and nutrition program, designed to teach Children and their Families how to manage their weight so they can maintain healthy and active lifestyles.
Youth have vision can be contacted at:
 Claude McCaskill
O: 661-947- 9705
C: 661-312-2293