Relay for life

We are excited about how this year’s Relay for Life went!!

First, we would like to thank all of our supporters that helped us raise over $1,000 for the American cancer Society!

We had three Cancer survivors represent G-Com in the openning ceremonies. They were Barbara Cochran-Stearns, Marie Godde, and our very own Trevor hibbert!

Our Event Manager in charge of the G-Com team, Cole McCandless, set the standard by walking the whole 24 hours! That would be over 56 miles! We all took turns walking with him throughout the event and keeping him fed and watered up. He was amazing!!

We would also like to thank two groups that provided us with support. The California Scholastic Federation (CSF) club from Highland HS was there in numbers and , led by marie Godde, spent a good portion of their Saturday doinig laps. The other group that we would like to thank for their support was the Highland HS swim team. They showed upo after spending the day at the Royal Swimming Invitational in Simi Valley. After spending the day at the swim meet they then showed up in the afternoon/evening and put in more molie in support of the G-Com team and the American Cancer Society.

We are looking forward to next year’s event!