What a great time! 

G-Com would like to thank Bill Gaddis and Denny Winchel for joining us for this event! Everyone contributed at different places along the course to help the G-com team put in a respectable effort. 

After the first round in daylight we enjoyed a dinner and a fun raffle for all kinds of things golf related. We then went out in the dark to play a round with glow balls. What a cool thing. Balls looked like shooting stars across the night sky – it really didn’t matter where you hit it, the ball still streaked across the sky in beautiful arcs. In some rare cases (heavy sarcasm) streaming light paths that would bounce along the course and ricochet off trees and other obstacles.

This was a great event for a great cause and we are really looking forward to next year’s event!

Below are some pics of the event. We hope you enjoy them!