In remembrance of

Beverly Galvao

This is the picture I took of the setting sun moments after hearing of my mother’s passing. It seemed appropriate to me that while her life had set she still shines as bright as the sun over my life and the lives of all the people that she came in contact with. 

She was born in Binghamton New York on Dec 10,1930. Beverly grew up in new York and later Maryland. She went to college at Mars Hill College in N. Carolina for two years. On returning home Beverly considered being a missionary to Brazil. As God’s plan would have it, Brazil came to her in the form of my father Lemuel Bueno Galvao – a college student from Brazil. They were married May 21, 1960.

Beverly and Lemuel had three boys: I was the first born, Climaco (died in a tragic accident at 10 wks), and Jonathan. Beverly and Lemuel eventually settled in Hollywood and it was there that our family put down our roots. 

Beverly devoted the rest of her life to supporting her family and serving the Lord at the First Southern Baptist Church of Hollywood. Lemuel, my father, died on July 10, 1997 after a long illness.

In August 2007 my brother Jonathan suffered a massive stroke. He ended up in a nursing home in Tujunga California. Beverly would drive out to him from Hollywood many times a week to care for him. Eventually she could not drive so she would take a chain of buses to continue to be there for him even though she was reaching 80yrs old. All the while she was still leading the choir and working as the church secretary.

Beverly moved in with us in January of 2011. She would now take the Metro down to Tujunga to see Jonathan two or three times each week. We introduced her to Grace Chapel in Lancaster where she  soon joined as a member. In the fall of 2011 she suffered a heart attack and had a stint inserted. In Feb of 2012 Beverly then suffered a stroke that necessitated her being moved in to a nursing home in Lancaster. Soon after she was entered there, my brother Jonathan was finally accepted into the same facility where they could see each other every day.

I had filed for G-Com to be a non-profit in Nov of 2011. In the spring Beverly made the first major donation to us allowing G-com to begin helping others. Without that donation we might have never been able to get off the ground. We owe a large part of our existence to the generosity and support of  Beverly. She believed in our mission and supported our belief in helping the Antelope Valley community.

We are her legacy. As she devoted her life to others, we also are devoting our existence to helping others.

Beverly passed away on Sunday Dec 29th after a prolonged battle with pneumonia. Jonathan was at her side. My whole family was together for the first time in 4 years in Washington where my daughter Katherine lives with her family. We all had the chance to express out love with Beverly a few short hours before her passing. She was able to respond to us and also shared her love for us. Jonathan held her hand until her passing.

I miss my Mama. We all do. She was a true blessing to everyone she met.